Our assurance administrations incorporate Statutory audit, Tax audit, Special audits and Investigations. PAAY assurance assignments are conducted as per the standards issued by the ICAI. PAAY Audit Methodology is based on the Auditing Standards issued by the ICAI which are converged with the International Auditing Standards. As a major aspect of such audit assignments, we assess the sufficiency of inside controls and our audit findings likewise reflect proposals for development of such controls. We additionally assist in conversion of accounts as per IFRS/Ind-AS. We offer the accompanying Audit and Assurance administrations.

Statutory Audits

Statutory Audits are conducted to report the condition of company’s financials and accounts to the Government of India. At PAAY a best group of qualified auditors are assigned to do such audits. The audit report are arranged carefully as per the guidelines and guidelines characterized by the Government organizations.

Due Diligence  

The financial due diligence process is a standout amongst the most urgent piece of any transaction. PAAY holds a skill and a built up reputation here. Our purpose is to empower business visionaries and promoters to make sound investment decisions with incredible confidence at each stage.

Examination/ Forensic Audit

An examination and assessment of a company’s or an individual’s financials for the use as a proof in the court of law. At PAAY we attempt financial examinations of misconduct, pay off and corruption; with the principle focus on assessing the financial exchanges, accounting regularities, and administrative and compliance issues for the benefit of people in general and firmly held companies, private value firms, government organizations, districts, NGOs and HNIs/industries we serve. Our all-around prepared and qualified topic specialists handle such issues with incredible proficiency.


The common arrangement of sound accounting standards, measures and systems that companies use to compile their financials. GAAP is a combination of definitive benchmarks (set by the strategy board) and basically the commonly acknowledged methods for recording/revealing accounting data. At PAAY, we have gathered the skill required to conduct US GAAP Audits.

IFRS/ Ind AS  

IFRS at present can be seen as the most significant activity in the financial detailing models at globally. Around 120 countries permits IFRS for registered companies. We have qualified and prepared assets to assist in IFRS convergence, adjusting both, the present moment and the long haul targets of the businesses. Conversion of financials arranged under Indian GAAP to IFRS to report overseas to parent company and shareholders.

Stock Audit

Stock Audit is a region of specialization and core competence for PAAY, we are committed to give unmatched Internal Audit Services because of our unparalleled reach and all India arrange. Stocks and physical assets, for example, crude materials are basic genuine assets and necessities systematized the executives. As a most companies are working over the outskirts through numerous areas and channel accomplices, making asset the board a test. We go for conveying focused administrations to companies to keep their physical assets check flawless.