PAAY & Co LLP assist customers in upgrading risk management; improving execution and working effectiveness while giving the establishment to accomplish better business performance. We work to incorporate inner audit with a vital and beneficial device in the present corporate administration condition and at the same time endeavor to advise our customers in regards to vital and operational risks. We serve customers in differing businesses, and Paay & co llp give the best risk advisory services in Noida, for example, Manufacturing, Trading, Information Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, Media and Entertainment, Credit Rating Agencies, Aviation, Textiles, Automotive, Healthcare, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, FMCG, ITES, Infrastructure, Non-Profit Organizations, Engineering, Pharmacy, Power Generation Service and so on

Internal and Management Audit

PAAY in India has some expertise in inside and management audits, which are fundamentally conducted in order to give your company’s management an unmistakable, comprehensive and fair analysis of the utilitarian proficiency of the association and to recommend conceivable regions for upgrades. We, at PAAY, firmly trust in inward and management audits being an esteem expansion exercise as opposed to an insignificant compliance exercise. PAAY solidly puts stock in offering some benefit included administrations through most abnormal amounts of expert

Competency and uprightness to its customers. Our interior and management audit administrations are intended to suit singular customer explicit requirements. It can give your assistance in dealing with your key business concerns, be it accomplishing your vital business objectives, meeting operational difficulties, complying with administrative standards or overseeing announcing prerequisites. Remembering the Risk Management system, our inside/management audits embrace ‘Risk Based Audit’ (RBA) approach and different instruments and strategies for accomplishing the audit targets.

Concurrent Audit

Concurrent Audits are an orderly and opportune examination of the budgetary exchanges all the time to guarantee precision, legitimacy and compliance with strategies and rules. The Concurrent Auditing, being contemporaneous with the event of exchanges, is a many-sided process. With our Concurrent Auditing Service, we endeavor to abbreviate the interim between an exchange and its examination. Paay & co llp give the best Concurrent Audit service in Noida By taking care of all the concern documentation forms, we convey simplicity and moan of unwinding to our esteemed customers. In our Concurrent Auditing Services, we lay extraordinary emphasis on substantive checking in key territories as opposed to test checking. Our undertaking is to conduct concurrent audits according to the scope of the substance and it typically incorporates.

  • A Systems survey to comprehend the existing framework and methodology, to empower us to recommend regions for framework improvement and fortifying of controls
  • Exposing infringement of methodology (If any)
  • Determining whether sanctions for advances and uses is taken from a competent specialist
  • Guaranteeing compliance with the techniques and arrangements
  • Survey of the Funds Flow Statement and analysis of the use of the assets and different assets that were accessible
  • Recognition and capturing of spillages of income, (If any)
  • Detailing wasteful aspects at any operational dimension


Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment is the distinguishing proof and analysis of risks that impact the accomplishment of an association’s targets, and deciding the risk management forms. Risk appraisal includes deciding the working goals, methodical distinguishing proof of exercises/occasions that could keep a specialty unit from accomplishing its destinations. At PAAY, we go for making an

Logical instrument that maps out the potential disturbing glitches and the preventive measures to keep away from those glitches.

SOPs Development

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a required component of any plan of action. SOPs go about as the procedure book that portrays a lot of systems and protocols for a specific activity. Standard Operating Procedures portray how forms execute just as specifying the jobs and assets that are associated with a specific procedure. Paay & co llp deal with SOP development by making it, exploring it and occasionally refreshing the SOPs.

Operational Audits

The PAAY & Co LLP progressed and investigative audit approach centers on interior control and operational procedure analysis to guarantee most extreme profitability and productivity in the procedures/rehearses. We work to recognize the regions of shortcoming that abuse or can possibly damage legislative business approaches, guidelines and lawful necessities. The final product gives our

Customer streamlined tasks which are sheltered and produces high ROIs.

Stock Audit

Stock Audit is a territory of specialization and core competence for Paay & co llp we are committed to give unmatched Internal Audit Services in light of our unparalleled reach and all India organize. Stocks and physical resources, for example, crude materials are basic genuine resources and requirements systematized management. As countless are working over the outskirts through various areas and channel accomplices, making resource management a test. We go for conveying centered administrations to companies to keep their physical resources check unblemished.

IS Audits

IS audit is an examination of the management controls inside an Information innovation (IT) framework. At PAAY, we conduct IS Audits in two stages. First by social occasion data and arranging; second by picking up a comprehension of the existing interior control structure. Various associations are currently moving to a risk-based audit approach which is utilized to survey risk and helps an IT/IS auditor to settle on the decision regarding whether to perform compliance testing or substantive testing.

SOX Compliance

Our experience and expertise empowers us to give strong direction from the beginning of the SOX compliance commitment by making long haul compliance targets for our customers. At Paay & co llp, we go for furnishing our customers with altered, industry endorsed approaches that prepares for our customer’s compliance activities. We go for offering cost compelling credit staffing, complete SOX groups, venture administrators/supervisors and advisory for generally businesses Paay & co llp give the best risk advisory services in Noida.