At PAAY we realise that while our product is debtors management, our business is actually about protecting our client’s balance sheet and maintaining its profitability. Because of our philosophy of always arranging the best, we have been able to always be a first of choice for clients. Our clients appreciate and value the professionalism and depth of experience that we bring to each transaction.                                            


Debtor management is central to the effective cash flow of your business. Without an effective debtor control system, you leave your finances vulnerable.

Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are often guilty of failing to establish an appropriate debtor management system. Even if a company simply started with tallying debtor days, it’s an important first step in the right direction and a key performance indicator that, ideally, businesses should monitor monthly.

Healthy cash flow is the life blood of every business, regardless of its size. It ensures that creditors and employees are paid on time, thereby protecting the business’s valuable reputation and ensuring that profit distributions are possible.

Cash flow problems generally has the most adverse impact on smaller businesses. To avoid these negative effects, having a sound debtor management strategy in place (as part of your cash flow management strategy) is key.

Prevention is better than cure, as litigation to collect outstanding monies may further strain an already distressed business.

Our Account Receivable offering enables organizations to focus valuable manpower and other resources on core accounting tasks rather than merely wasting time on managing collection activities. We provide service levels that exceed industry norms in several key performance indicators, including Average Invoice submission timelines, Average Invoice collection timelines & Query resolution timelines.

Political Risk                                       

Doing business with unstable countries entails not only economic risk, but also political risks that are difficult to calculate such as Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization, Deprivation, Political violence for project exports. With PAAY’s regional expertise and global scope, you can protect key assets amid rising geopolitical tensions, commodity-price volatility, and increasing political violence.